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Hope Comes in the Morning

Yesterday was very hard. Between the first hand and news reports the situation seemed hopeless. But there IS hope. Haitian news reported that over 40,000 bodies were interred in mass graves. This is heart-breaking but at the same time, if they were not buried the situation would have quickly become much worse for those who are alive. The government ministers who survived have met together and gave a press conference yesterday. They are really doing all that they can to get the situation stable and roads cleared so help can get to where it needs to go. This will take time, but it IS happening. Please continue to pray for those who are working so hard to bring help and for those who are hurt and thirsty and hungry who cannot yet get help. This situation is massive and it is discouraging but it is NOT beyond God’s power.

Below are two amazing stories from Pastor Edner Jeanty

My office manager at Barnabas was supposed to be in class at the University of Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit. She “strongly felt” that she should not go inside the classroom but sit on a seat outside. Some classmates urged her to go in, but she said Jesus told her to sit in that chair until 5pm. She was amo…ng the 15 or so students who got out alive because she was not inside a room.

One bank employee from our church “felt” she should not go to work that day. Her boss called and insisted. She was willing to be fired over this. The 3-story building collapsed. She is still alive.

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