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Idalia Wrote Her Name!

Idalia Petit-Frere, known to most as “Mme Tiferne” has worked at the Lemuel house for 7 years. She is always ready to offer a smile or a laugh and she serves joyfully and sacrificially. In all my years here I have never heard her complain. This year she has started coming to the Adult Literacy classes. Having never gone to school, and never having been given much value or chance at learning, she has had a difficult time. But we were all so proud of her when, on Wednesday, she WROTE HER NAME to sign a finance receipt for Krischelle! Before, she always had to make an X or put her fingerprint. We were so excited when she wrote her name for the first time (outside of class), we all started singing and dancing around the house. She had tried to run away so Krischelle wouldn’t make her sign her name but after she had done it she was so proud of herself. Is was a great thing to see.

Idalia in her outdoor kitchen

The Signature

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