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This is from Cindy McMartin…

Hi Judy,

Thanks for your message. We know it’s hard for you all to be so close and wanting to do something, but unable to. It’s a bit the same for us too. So much to do, but in some ways so little we can do. But we do what we can. I was going to gather some of the kids together in the upper yards and do a Bible story and singing, etc., but I’ve been so busy with other stuff today and now I don’t think I have the energy to do it. So, I’ll save it for tomorrow.

The people here are seeming to find all they need – water and food. I think the problem is all the prices have really gone up. So, we’re not in a water crisis yet. Your Dad sent an email about a group that is helping with providing clean water so maybe it won’t be a problem at all.

We have a lot more people here today and more injured being brot all the time. I’ve contacted World Relief and other organizations requesting immediate medical aid – no response yet. We here there is aid here in country but has not been organized as to how to distribute it and to where. So, we’ll wait and maybe something will arrive.

We all slept a bit better last night and I’m a bit calmer today – it’s just hard not to be jumpy and fearful every time there’s a tremor or a loud noise, etc., etc. I keep trying to pray and claim Philippians 4:6-7.

Anyhow, all for now. We know you are praying and that’s what we need. The men are tired beyond tired. I rarely see Bruce but try to keep him drinking.

Love, Cindy


Wawa and Jacques just did an interview for a Christian radio station in Dallas. Wawa told them about going to and from Pierre Payen and seeing 7 big garbage trucks full of bodies that they were taking to bury in one big hole. Not a nice sight. He had a lot of difficulty trying to find roads open to get thru.

Here’s my email message from this a.m.

Hello Everyone,

We’ve received so many emails from you all asking about how we are and telling us of your prayers. We are so grateful for your prayers! I am writing a general response this morning that I can send to all of you.

Tuesday evening seems like eons ago. Yesterday we were all walking around functioning but still in shock. The earthquake was a terrifying experience and it has made us all jumpy. The tremors/aftershocks continue quite regularly and it’s hard not to continue in fear. I’ve been praying myself and claiming Philippians 4:6-7, but I still find myself not completely at rest and not completely without fear.

Yesterday, Wednesday, our campus filled up even more. All our yards have become like one big campground. The men say we probably have about 2000 here now (if not more). Have you thot about where those 2000 are going to the bathroom? That’s right…in our yards. We could have a real medical problem here real soon. Need to get some holes dug or something.

As the people have been digging out in the neighborhood, they carry those they find onto the campus. So, we have the dead along with those who are injured. I’ve seen some horrible sights and they are in a lot of pain, but handling it as best they can since there is no sense in taking them to a hospital. Some hospitals are down, others overflowing and there’s really limited help. We have 2 doctors living on the campus and they’ve been doing all they can. They’ve used up all our peroxide, gauze, and stuff like that doing what they could to help those who are injured. They wished we had had supplies for doing stitches. Yesterday I walked around giving out Tylenol – about the only help we can give right now – and any comfort I could.

We realize what is going to be a problem for us all is clean drinking water and then food. We had just arrived back and I had only done a small market the day after we arrived and was planning on going out again to do more – so that never happened. Drinking water is more crucial tho. We’ve been told that for city water there are broken pipes so we don’t know if we’d get any anyhow, and we’re not sure it would be safe to use even if we did get it. So, just these basic necessities are a prayer request.

None of us have tried going out on the roads yet – just too many other things right here on campus that have kept us busy. We still have no phone service so we haven’t had contact with those friends of ours who we are concerned about: Johny and Rosadite, Jehu and boys, our church family, and the list could go on and on. Jean Dorlus and his family are fine/safe.

Bruce and men continued to work at the rubble at the Seminary yesterday, but it’s just a huge task. They have also begun trying to recover any equipment and files possible. We have no official word yet, but it seems very unlikely that STEP will be able to continue classes for the rest of the semester. Classrooms are destroyed and the profs offices are on the bottom floor and books, materials, computers, etc., etc., are mostly a piled mess inside and inaccessible – Bruce can not even get into his office. His computer, phone, and all that sort of stuff are there because he was down at his office/school building when all this started.

Many have asked about giving aid or what you can do to help. Please keep praying. Aid can be given thru CrossWorld – you can get this info on their internet site – about giving to the Haiti Relief Fund – and you can also give thru CrossWorld to our McMartin Needy Fund so that we can help those we know personally. There is a need for a lot of aid for the months/years ahead. As far as people coming to help, both Bruce and David have said it’s too early to tell. We need a few more days to get organized and to find out what we’re going to do here, to have a plan, etc. We will keep in touch with those of you who have asked about coming and let you know as things progress here and we have more of a plan. You can also contact CrossWorld and let them know you are willing and interested and they will help with organizing teams coming.

We have not succeeded in digging out the 2 students. It is assumed they are dead.

We are tired, there’s a lot of stress with all this, a lot we don’t know what to do about, and lots to do. Thanks for your concern, love, prayers and encouragement of us during this time.

We’ll keep in touch. We’re so thankful we have internet – a means to communicate.

Love, Cindy for Bruce too

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