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Kicked While Down?

Dear Friends,

Most of you have probably seen on the news already that Hurricane Thomas is due to hit Haiti early tomorrow morning. The thought of a hurricane hitting the many “tent cities” is frightening when people you know and love are in those tents; it is terrifying when you are in them yourself. Such is the case of many of our students in Port-au-Prince.

This tent city is on top of hill that used to be a military fort. It is the center of the slum area where most of our students come from. Can you imagine being in one of these “tents” when torrential rains and 50-80mph winds hit?

This is the family of one of our students who is currently living in one of those tents. With donations given through Extreme Response we are working on helping families like this one rebuild their homes. If Hurricane Thomas hits as hard as forecasted, families who are still trying to rebuild their lives will be kicked down once again.


Pray for protection for the families under those tents, especially the young children. Pray that if God wills He will spare Haiti from the hurricane, and if not that He will use this to draw more people to Himself Pray that we will have wisdom to know how to respond.

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