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Kid’s Club

First of all, I would like to take a moment to freak out about our new internet solution:


…Thank you.  Here’s the current situation: Manis and Judy bought an internet jump drive from “the other phone company” in Haiti, and it is working amazingly well.  The only thing is, it has a great, fast connection on Manis and Judy’s roof,  but not at the Lemuel House.  However, that seems a small thing.

Now on to the real post of the day…

One of the highlights for the kids on the Plateau and the surrounding area is Lemuel’s kid’s club. “Club” is a Lemuel activity that started way back at the beginning in Port-au-Prince, and in fact was a major aspect of the ministry there.  It serves as an opportunity for the kids to come sing, dance, play, and learn in a fun environment specially geared towards them.  Get a little taste from the video below:

Just as a side note, getting a video this size to load on our old internet would have been a pipe dream, even when it was working.

This year, a committee of Lemuel youth and teachers from the school are responsible for Club.  Almaïs (who was first introduced in this post) is heading up the committee with Obed, Lovelie, Oscar, and Mezou.  Almaïs grew up in Port-au-Prince, and attended Lemuel clubs for years there.  He has brought fresh energy and ideas to Club on the Plateau, and it is such fun to watch unfold.

They have given Club the name C.S.S.L., which stands for Club Socio-Spirituel Lemuel, and have the objective of facilitating activities that will help the kids to develop both socially and spiritually.  Their chosen reference verse is Philippians 1:6 : “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

four kids called up front to lead in some singing

Almaïs “animating” the crowd

I remember the year that the Lemuel administration had no choice but to take on the responsibility for club–there just weren’t leaders or musicians capable of doing it at the time.  Now,  looking at this photo (above), I am so encouraged and proud to see Amison on the bongo drums, Wisnik at the drum set, Mezou at the piano, along with Obed, Lovelie, and those not pictured from the leadership team stepping up to make club possible.  They don’t need us there…and that’s GREAT.

One Sunday afternoon, Almaïs asked Judy to host a special learning session for the youth.  The subject was “Table Manners.”  Judy not only instructed the youth on how to properly set a table, but also how to behave themselves if invited to someone’s house for a meal.  Almaïs and the committee even prepared a lab, so to speak, so that the youth could actually practice what they were learning–complete with an actual meal!

Judy demonstrates a correct place setting…

…and the youth try it themselves.

Oscar and Wiltha played the role of  “Man and Lady of the House.”  Here Oscar says a prayer before the meal.

The youth take turns serving themselves and passing to the person next to them.

The “Lady of the House” makes rounds welcoming her guests.

While the youth were learning about table manners, the younger kids were having a blast dancing and playing games on the basketball court.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand working together with the school, CSSL is holding the Plateau’s first-ever spelling bee!  The teacher’s in the school from grades 1-6 each selected a student from their class and spent time preparing them to represent their class in the bee.  What a great opportunity for these kids!  Nothing like a spelling bee has ever been done on the Plateau!

This past Sunday was Round 1: Grade 1 (Ketlin is on the right) vs. Grade 2 (Edjems is on the left).

The committee did a wonderful job planning.  First, the contestant picked a word out of the pile.

Then, Mlle Kerline read the word and gave the student the cue to start spelling.  As the contestant spoke a letter, it appeared on the screen behind (thanks to Obed at the computer).  When the speller finished, Madame Dictionary (see below) gave the true spelling, which was typed underneath what the contestant had spelled.

To the right of the stage, is a door titled “Dictionnaire” (Dictionary).  And who is behind the door?….

…It’s Mlle Wiltha!  As the contestant was introduced to the word they picked out of pot, they had the opportunity to talk to “Madame Dictionary,” who could pronounce the word clearly for them and give its definition.  She also offered affectionate words of encouragement to the struggling speller and gave the correct spelling of the word once the contestant had finished.

The spelling bee championship round will be held at the end of December.  The grand champion will receive an important prize: their tuition for next school year!

Coming up on the blog:  Lemuel’s Soccer Club!

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