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Making Coconut Rap with Wilda by SuAnne Vannatter

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to watch another fine cook in action.

Then add a whole lot of sugar, I wrote down 4 cups, then 6 and I think it ended up around 7-9, not sure. Next add 6-7 cans (6 oz) of evaporated milk.

If you’re not able to open the cans with a can opener go Haitian style with Judy and just take a sharp knife and jab it into the can. I, nor Wilda was allowed to use this special technique and I, for one, was grateful.

At some point you will want to run out to your outdoor cooking area and start the homemade charcoals that you will be cooking over. You can take a piece of paper or plastic and hold it burning in your hand while it is burning next to the charcoal until you see the charcoal start to flame. Did I mention you can hold the burning paper in your hand to get the charcoal started?

Then boil and stir and boil and stir until it gets harder and harder to stir to the point where you could use two cooks to stir!


Pour finished Rap onto cookie sheet, cool and enjoy, really enjoy….

Oh! Did I mention she also made a peanut butter treat? AND today a molasses tasting cookie!

Mesi Wilda!

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