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Meet the Development Staff

Introducing: this year’s development staff!  As an entity, we often call the development department simply “DDL,” arising from its French description: Département Développement de Lemuel.  These are the men and woman who work most directly and tangibly in the physical development of the community.  In addition to their regular work, the development department is responsible for managing the Food/Cash-4-Work projects, as well as most other construction or community development projects that take place.  They plant and water trees, keep vehicles in working order, deliver water in times of drought, dig latrines, lend tools, build things, oversee community projects, and much more!  We would love for you to know who they are.

The Director…


Williamso is a Plateau native, and first began really getting involved in Lemuel in 2005 due to an initiative to encourage kids who worked hard in school.  As a result, Lemuel helped to sponsor him through school.  After finishing high school, he began working as a teacher in Lemuel’s school in 2010. During that year, Manis really began to get to know him and understand his character and his vision.  Lemuel decided to sponsor him through university as well.  During vacations, he always returned to the Plateau and got involved in whatever work or activities were waiting for him.  After graduating in 2015, he returned to work for Lemuel full time–last year as bookkeeper, and this year as the new director of development.

Williamso loves development and has a level of seriosity and sincerity that have made him invaluable in leadership roles.  As a native of the Plateau, he is known and respected, and he intimately understands the people and their needs.

The Administrator…


Lenique has been a member of the development administration for a few years now. He is a collaborator, and his specialty is executing the plans laid out by the director. He is often out and about, visiting and verifying the work that is being done in various places.

The Secretary…


In addition to her administrative duties, Dadithe keeps the development office fresh and clean and smelling good! She is the only lady on the DDL staff, and she takes good care of the guys–making sure that they have water available to drink and that their lunches are in order.  I call her “Madame DDL.”

The Assistant to the Administration…


Odès is a skilled mason, as well as an experienced driver with a modest knowledge of mechanics.  These skills often come in handy for the development department.  He is in charge of general maintenance, keeping inventory, and lending tools out of the development office.  He also serves as project manager for construction projects, and he currently drives the school bus for Lemuel’s school.

The “Old” Guys: Lemuel Garden Land…



Regilien–one of Lemuel’s most long-standing employees–and Daniel primarily develop and maintain the Lemuel garden land.  This is a little distance down the road from Lemuel’s main campus.  They have had their hands full after the intense flooding in the ravine following Hurricane Matthew.  The water completely took out the whole front section of fencing, including the cement wall and dispensing area used to distribute water out of one of our wells.  It also filled portions of the garden–including a small road–with mud, which had to be removed by hand. These two men help out with other projects as needed too.

The Young Guys: Samuel’s Trees and the Lemuel Campus…





These young men care for the land, trees, and gardens at Samuel’s Trees. They also water the plants and do landscape-type maintenance on the main Lemuel campus, as well as help out with other projects as needed. Together they have probably planted more trees than can be counted. Most of them work in the morning so that they can pay for high school, which they attend in the afternoons.

The Guys Who Go Anywhere and Everywhere (well, almost)…




These three guys are indispensable in the earth-shaking, ground-breaking, hole-digging, rock-carrying, block-setting, truck-loading type of work that needs to be done in so many places and for so many reasons.  They don’t really stay in one place, but are on the ground wherever needed.

The Vehicle Guys…



Wenson has studied auto mechanics, and is the primary driver for Lemuel’s large vehicles.  Maxo (pronounced Marco) has a lot of practical experience fixing vehicles (he worked as an apprentice for a number of years), and he stays busy helping Wenson keep Lemuel’s trucks in working order. They are often assisted by Jean-Robert and Odès as well.

And there you have them!  I think you now have met nearly every member of the Lemuel staff.  Whether it be in the school, in hospitality, or in development, we appreciate each and every one of these men and women, and are so proud of them and the work they do in our community.

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