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Meet the Development Staff

In the fall,  you met our school staff (here and here, in case you would like to revisit them) and our hospitality staff (here).  Today, you get to  meet the wonderful guys and gals on our development staff.

Samuel (center right in photo above) serves as director of the Development department (Département Développement de Lemuel, or DDL), while Bonita (front center left) assists as Development’s head secretary.  Their time with us will come to an end in June–with a wedding to follow in August!–and they are currently working to train others who can assume their responsibilities.

Lenique, Administrator

Lenique is DDL’s administrator.  He oversees all the work being done by the department, and executes the plans given by the Director.  He is also responsible to make sure the Development office is running smoothly.


Dadithe began working for the Development department this year….and what a difference she has made in the office!  She keeps it clean, organized, and smelling great.  She is responsible for keeping the office finances properly reported, for tracking the lending of tools, and for attending to those who come by the office for various needs.  She also takes care of the men on the development staff, making sure they have water to drink and that their lunches are being properly provided.  I affectionately call her the “Development Mama.”


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Robenson.  However, he was absent on picture day for a very good reason–his wife was having their second child!  Robenson is responsible for general maintenance and various special jobs.  He is very talented and very attentive to detail, which has made him a valuable asset in many areas, including roofing, cabinetry, carpentry, and oversight/maintenance of tools and systems.

The Drivers

Enès, Head Driver

Enès has been our main driver in Development for a number of years.  He primarily drives the water trucks and the large vehicles, and is also involved in their repair and maintenance.

Oksòn, Driver

Oksòn only joined us this year.  He is the main driver for one of the water trucks.

Jerson, Assistant

Jerson is also new this year.  He does not drive, but accompanies the drivers as an assistant.  For example, he helps with the filling and unloading of the water truck or with the transport of supplies.

The “Earth Shakers”

That may be a creative name for this next group of guys, but nonetheless true!  They are the ones who move in with their pick-axes and shovels to dig out water holes, roads, gardens, canals, and latrines.  They plant trees, build fences, and participate in construction work as well.

Regilien, Overseer

Regilien is one of Lemuel’s first employees on the Plateau.  He is responsible to lead and oversee the work being done by the group of guys that follows below.



This is the second year for both Daniel and Charilien.  They are core members of Regilien’s group.


Lemanès works a regular schedule with the Development staff, and he is also responsible for maintaining the trees and plants on the Samuel’s Trees project.


Petit Jean

His name is literally “Little John”….ironically, he’s unusually tall!

The “Campus Crew”

These are they guys who tend to the general maintaining of the Lemuel campus.  They water trees, participate as needed in the other activities of the Development department, and serve as security and gatekeepers for the campus.

 James (aka, Minokal), Daytime Gatekeeper/Security

Rolmy, Nighttime Gatekeeper/Security





And there you have it, folks!  These guys are literally the hands and feet and force behind most of the development work that happens on the Plateau.

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