Moving Forward, Reaching Out

The Well Project took center stage on the blog over the last couple weeks.  But, friends, there have been many other exciting things happening at the same time.  In our context, investing in people takes on so many different forms.  Let me catch you up on the ways our community has been moving forward, as well as reaching out to others in recent days.

Communities Come Together at the Water Hole

Drilling wells addresses ONE aspect of the water problem.  But it is a solution requiring special skills and specific machinery.

So, while the drilling team worked on the wells, the community worked on another aspect of the water problem.  Lemuel’s Development department organized a community work day in the big water hole.

The Cash-for-Work team has been steadily chipping away for weeks to enlarge the water hole.  Now, whole families came out to get involved cleaning out cracked mud and making the water hole that much deeper.

The initiative will continue with a different community participating each week.  People from all around our area come to this water hole for water (when it has some in it), so everyone is coming together to make it bigger and better.

Reaching Out: Easter in Nanyila

Over the Easter weekend, a delegation from the Plateau church went to the mountain community of Nanyila.  On Saturday, they walked around the neighborhood, visiting and encouraging the sick and handicapped and sharing the Gospel at various homes.

On Sunday, they celebrated Easter with the church in Nanyila.  A group of the youth had prepared some special music to share.  The Plateau church also took gifts of food to share with the people of Nanyila, which they separated out and distributed to people after church.

These opportunities to reach out and give to others are also wonderful occasions for personal growth. Dadithe was one of the principal organizers of the trip. I sat and talked with her the other day, and she just exuded joy and excitement as she shared about their time with the people of Nanyila.  “We had such an amazing time!” she said.  “They were so welcoming and happy to see us.  They never have people who reach out to them like this!”

Families Build for a Better Future

We love being able to come alongside people in our community to help them build a better future for their families!  Here are two stories: