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Music Notes and Tissue Paper Flowers

This year, school director Almaïs put two new things on the class schedule: a music class and a craft class.

Now, the “craft class” demands a little bit of an explanation.  In French, it’s called “art-floral,” or literally “floral arts.”  It may be more accurate in English to say “decorations.”  It focuses specifically on the practice of making decorations (including flowers), usually out of tissue paper.

Music class takes place on Monday afternoons, and is only for the 4-5 graders.  It is taught by Mr. Ogé, a teacher from a nearby area.

Although there are not yet any instruments with which to work, the kids are learning notes and some theory.

The 1-3 graders attend the craft class (or decorations class) every Tuesday and Thursday.  It is taught by Kindergarten 3 teacher Marie-Thérèse.

Marie-Thérèse checks everyone’s work.  Those who have not done their project correctly must do it again before they can move on to the next.

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