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New Year, New Beginnings

Look at those faces!  This is one of the outtakes from picture day at the school.  These are the second graders….and what an effervescent, hilarious group they are (as you can see).

The start-up tasks of the new work year (Sept-June), coupled with a fickle internet, have made it difficult to put up regular posts on the blog.  But there is lots to share!  Let me catch you up a bit…

The School

School opened on September 5th!

The kindergartners are enjoying their new building.  For now, they look sweet in the dappled sunlight; the roof should be going up in February.

We also have a new class this year: seventh grade!  This is one step towards a dream of being able to offer all the grades at Lemuel’s school.


Irma roared by the Plateau in September.  Thankfully, she did not do any major damage.  She did create some beautiful skies, though.  Maria went by with no more than a cloudy day or two.

Thankfully, the weather following the hurricanes brought us some rain.  Water holes were filled, and trees took every advantage to shoot up taller and greener.  Below, you can see a before/after shot taken in my (Krischelle’s) yard as one example.  What a difference this makes!  We are so encouraged by it!

Before: October 2015

After: October 2017

Development (DDL)

The development department has relocated its offices over to Samuel’s Trees.  They spent the month of September getting things ready for their official opening day on October 9th.

The cistern originally built at Samuel’s Trees (in the background, above the newly located offices) holds “dirty” water from the water holes that is used to water trees.  The cistern in the foreground will hold clean water to be used for drinking, making food, etc.

Junior and Celifen are building a shower next to the new housing unit.  This “Kay Pay” (translated: Thatched House) was built as a prototype and experiment for possible new building techniques.  It will now be used as housing for some of the young guys working at Samuel’s Trees. When the appropriate occasion arises, it can also be used to house guests.

Director Williamso shows the new secretary, Esther, some details about the office work.

In this picture, you can see some of the exciting things happening at Samuel’s Trees: a small garden full of manioc and sweet potato, the “Kay Pay” (left background), the cement block manufacturing (center), and (way in the back) the chicken house!  To the right (out of frame) is the shadehouse, full of sprouting trees and vegetables.


The ladies in the school kitchen have arranged their set-up outdoors for the time being.  It is much cooler with the charcoal fires.  We are still working towards propane fuel, but have not quite gotten there yet.  They love their new space under the canopy of trees!

Meet the new committee in charge of the hospitality department!  From left to right: Marquise, Brunel (also known as Jounel), and Roselande (also known as Boul).  This new system of leadership is currently on a trial period through December. So far, they are doing a great job.  They are overseeing the school food program and are even now in the middle of receiving their first group! Challenges have arisen, but they have served as learning and growing opportunities.

The cafeteria counters are now done…what great work spaces!

New: The Campus Staff!

Okay, so we haven’t actually chosen an official name for this staff yet, but I will call them the “Campus Staff” for now.  While the group itself is new, most of the dear faces are known to you already.

The campus staff is under Brad’s direction.  They will be responsible for a variety of things, including vehicle maintenance, general maintenance of facilities, certain aspects of receiving groups, and more!

Mme Obert and Guerda are in charge of the Lemuel campus yard and guesthouse.  Here they are readying rooms to receive the first team of the year.

Vehicle maintenance processes are already underway.  We are thrilled to receive mechanic Kyle Johnson (along with his daughter Abigail) for his second trip offering parts and services to our vehicles and lending experience to our budding mechanics!

So, the new work year has officially started for all departments.  Stay tuned for updates!

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