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Old Blue…

Our blue Toyota pickup has served us so well! It has made countless trips from Port-au-Prince to the Plateau and back (a feat in itself) while carrying large amounts of supplies. But the poor thing is getting old and tired.

It was heading in from Port on the 31st when it broke down (again). The front left wheel was tilted completely in. So, Manis a a group of guys spent New Years Eve trying to get the pickup from where it had broken down, to here. They came back to get some supplies and the guys told Manis they would take care of it and he didn’t have to go back out. I am not sure how they eventually did it but they succeeded! They arrived home after 4am on New Years Day. I am sure it is not how anyone wanted to spend their evening but we were so touched that so many from the community would come to help.

A few days later we found a mechanic who lives near us who actually worked in Port-au-Prince for a while. He is kind of a “jack of all trades” guy. We were so blessed to find him! He came and worked for several days on the pickup and got it running again!

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