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Orientation School

This year 1st through 4th grade are meeting in the current church “building” (left in picture) while kindergarten and 5th grade meet in what will be church offices at the back of the church that is under construction (right). They have covered that part with tarps and palm fronds. A team is in the works to come put a roof on the church in February.

Fifth Grade

Our Fifth Grade teacher is Indy Fortune. Indy is from Port-au-Prince. He grew up in Lemuel Port-au-Prince – attending activities from a young age and being part of the original Our 12 group. He was also part of our music group, “Hosanna”. Indy has a love for music and great musical talent. He plays the keyboard and guitar and bass all beautifully. He has studied music at a university level in addition to attending the Theological Seminary in Port-au-Prince. He decided to give this year as a year of service to God. While he is here with us, Indy will also be teaching music to some of our youth and helping with some of the church responsibilities. We are so grateful for his help!

Fourth Grade

Our Fourth Grade teacher is Richmond Lilite. He rides his bike 3 miles from the nearby town of Anse-Rouge each morning to be at school by 7:30. Then at 1:00, at the hottest part of the day, he rides 3 miles home.

Third Grade

Our Third Grade teacher is Belony Ponpilus. He is also from Anse-Rouge and also rides his bike to and from school.

Second Grade

Our Second Grade teacher is Jude Robert Edee. He is also from Anse Rouge. Jude is fortunate to have a small moped that he rides to school each morning.

First Grade

Our First Grade teacher is Mezilien (Mezou) Servius. He has been in Lemuel since he was a young boy. He teaches from 7:30-Noon and then quickly rides his bike 3 miles to go to school himself from 1:00-6:00. With the money he is earning as a teacher he is paying not only for his own education, but for his two younger sisters to go to school as well.


Our Kindergarten teacher is Josiane Dumesle. Like Mezilien Lemuel sponsored her to go to school from a young age. I am daily amazed by her patience – working alone with 24 small children. She also goes to school in the afternoons.

School Kitchen

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