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Prayer Request

Dear All,

I am really late in sending this out but things have been pretty hectic here with Manis and I moving, getting the Lemuel house cleaned out for a team next week, and trying to figure out how best to help Bonita – that is where our prayer request comes in…

Last Thursday Bonita started not feeling well. She had just finished her antibiotics from her tooth infection so it was kind of weird that she be sick again so soon. We watched it for a few days but she only seemed to get worse. On Monday we decided to call the plane to come get her as she was too sick to take the road and too sick to stay here. She was kept in a hospital in Port-au-Prince for most of the day yesterday and was given IVs as she was very dehydrated, despite drinking constantly. Last night she was allowed to go home with Schmids (missionary friends of ours) because a doctor who lives near them was going to continue IVs for her. They have been unable, however, to find a vein so she is on oral rehydration fluids.

This afternoon they got the results from her blood tests and it is confirmed that she has Dengue fever… a miserable virus that wipes out your immune system and takes months to fully recover from. My heart aches for her as she has had one set-back after another since she got here. I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers right now. I am not sure if she is able to check emails but any words of encouragement in the comments below or to her email I am sure will be appreciated when she can read them.

Thanks everyone for walking with us through all of this and for the support of your prayers.

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