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Reflecting on 2018…(part 2)

One other way we saw God’s faithfulness was in His surprise provision through an unexpected project donation for us to continue construction on the school. We never expected that in 2018 we would be able to make such progress on the primary school and kindergarten buildings. Here are a few before and after shots:

Primary School: 2017–first day of school

Primary School: 2018–first day of school

Kindergarten: 2017

Kindergarten: 2018

Kindergarten classroom: 2017

Kindergarten Classroom: 2018

Not only was the construction a blessing to the children and staff who work in the school, but it also allowed us to provide employment to many local workers during a hard time.

We’re not quite finished yet! School construction, including the roof for the second story of the primary school, will continue in 2019.

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