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RESULTS . MEN AT WORK …South meets North!

Thony’s hard work is paying off!!!

A little work and RAIN over the weekend…and Voial!

Put it in the ground and watch it grow.

Who said Men can’t wash? Lenique gave Samuel a little lesson in hand washing, with a little help from Mme Tes =0). (encouragements welcome…post below.)

Gilbert’s roof…almost done!

Samuel is back on the land…planting trees. We are praying these ones will survive.

This is the before photo…in a few years we pray we can post the AFTER photo!

and when the work is done…

the boys will play!

and those too young cheer on their brothers.

Surprise! Friends from the South of Haiti came by bus and then by motorcycle to come and see what this place is all about. The South of Haiti is very green so it’s a shock when they come to our neighborhood.

seeing the main attractions

and when the tour is over an opportunity to help do some work at the Orberts house…

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