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As I sit here I am listening to the music and cheering that goes with an intense soccer match.

We had decided to not have retreat this year. We just didn’t feel like we could take one more thing on. But just two weeks ago the church committee (of which Samuel is a part), Almais (our bookkeeper in PauP) and some of the school teachers decided they would take responsibility for it. They wanted to be able to provide an activity for the church youth – both those here on the Plateau and those dispersed in various cities for school. It was quite a flurry of activity to get everything ready in just two weeks but they have done a wonderful job! It has been such an encouragement and joy to see how well they have done and how “unneeded” we are! It is always good to see that what you have given has taken root in some and they are able and willing to reproduce it for others.

The Bible Study is due to start soon… more pictures to come…

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