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Searching for Water II

There may be water here.

Of course, it is probably around 500 feet underground.

In the introductory post about our search for water solutions, I mentioned our investigations into drilling another well according to the results of the hydro-geological water study done last spring.  One of the obstacles to drilling on the Plateau is finding a company willing to come way out here with their rig.  However, we were recently connected to a company in Port-au-Prince who agreed to come out and do some site visits.

In preparation for their arrival, we went around to review the locations and prepare information about each site.

This is TW-1a (as are both photos above), approximately 11 minutes or so from the Plateau.  It is the site on the water study that offered the most promise.  It is also in the area where we had a few setbacks in buying the land.   We decided to see what the drillers had to say before pursuing the purchase further.  That slightly greener strip running through the middle of the photo is a ravine/dry riverbed.  It is a rather lovely little crevice when you go down into it.

And then there is TW-2, about the same distance from Lemuel as TW-1a, but on a different road.  Bonita likes to refer to this site as “Quicky Beans,” because there is a natural source where people sometimes come to get water specifically to cook their beans in.  Although the water does not have a pleasant taste for drinking, it cooks beans in record time (of course, you drink it too, when it is all you can get).  The people also say that when you bathe with it, you do not need to use soap, because it will lift the dirt right off you.

This photo shows the general location….we’re not exactly sure where the drill would happen.

And finally, our third option is TW-3.

The potential drilling depth at this location is not as deep as the previous two, but it is also more uncertain as to whether we would hit water and what quality it would be.  It is literally right off the road at the base of the hills between the Plateau and the ocean.

On Wednesday, the drillers came to have a look…


Verdict: Deep, but possible


Verdict: Possible; about the same depth as TW-1a


Verdict: Highly exploratory, but possible

In the end, it would potentially be possible to drill at all three locations!

So now, we will keep the options open and move forward with processes to obtain the land needed.

As we continue pursuing the well/wells project, you can expect more posts highlighting the water situation and our progress.  Here is a video teaser: a portion of our drive leaving TW-1a to head back to the Plateau.  It will give you a good idea of the terrain. The great background music is just what happened to come up on the playlist while we were taping!  (It was a good list!)

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