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SEEING GOD in the crisis…Wednesday

Wednesday…”For the poor you will always have with you, but you do not always have me.” –Jesus’ response to Judas when Mary poured expensive ointment on Jesus’ feet. John 12:8

Two weeks ago, Manis and I went to visit an elderly blind lady in our community named Asela. She had nothing in her room except the mat she slept on and a bucket with 1 ½” of water, which would be her water for the day. Once we left her house, Manis organized for meals to be sent to her along with several others in our community who are elderly or restricted to their beds. Our development men got involved too and made a chair and table for Asela.

Today I went out with our staff on their daily food run and saw the change two weeks of food has made for Asela. She expressed complete joy and gratitude to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She said, “You have come and given me food, and I thank Jesus for how he keeps taking care of me.”

Jesus may not be physically with us right now like he was for Mary, but it is Jesus’ love that motivates us to love and care for others. For that reason, we want everyone to experience Jesus’ love for them.

~Posted by Bonita Sparling

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