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Sunshine and a Bel Jaden by SuAnne Vannatter

Loved having rain nearly every day though with the lack of sun the solar panels were not obviously soaking up much from the sky. Rain is wonderful and needed though the cloudy days did drain the batteries. Well, today the sun did come out and it is very hot!! Cho is the Creole word and yes, when everyone asks me “Kouman ou ye, SuAnne” I have to respond truthfully, “Mwen cho!”.

Daina’s doll clothing that I am excited to be bringing home with me.

Krischelle handles the organization’s finances. This is her walk-up bank window!

In the heat of the day it appears that I am the only one not wise enough to get out of the sun.

Actually I discovered that many have gone to their gardens as they are growing well with all the recent rain and the kids have all gone home after finishing their school day.

I saw many clothes on clotheslines today as everyone was apparently waiting for a sunny day to do their wash.

Soon I hope to be picked up by Mme Wisely to go and see her garden. “Picked up” in Haiti means she will walk to get me and then we will walk together to her garden….

“bannann” or plantains

Mme Wisely was very proud of the work she and her family put into having this “bel jaden” or beautiful garden and grateful for the rain God so graciously brought onto their fields.

Can you see Mme Wisely’s daughter?

On our return from the garden the goats were gathered from where they were grazing. I was a little concerned crossing this little stream as I didn’t want to now end my week by falling again. Once I told them “mwen te tonbe” or” I fell” earlier in the week they were very willing to help me across.

When I originally asked if the walk to the garden was “far” and was told “no” I guess I should realize that defining “far” for an out-of-shape American is not the same definition for a very-in-shape Haitian! Yes, it was a rather long walk and I will walk it every visit to the Plateau to see the the “bel jaden” of Mme Wisely.

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