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Dear friends,

I have been so touched by the outpouring of generosity since the update I sent out December 2. As I wrote it, I just wanted to express what we were seeing all around us. I had no idea so many of you would rally to help the people here. The fact that you would give so generously to people you don’t even know says much about the quality of love in your hearts.

As the funds arrive through bank transfer, we are purchasing food. Some of it will be given out directly, but in large part we will be able to use it as payment for work on different development projects. Since the gardens are dry, there is very little for the men to do. Sitting at home doing nothing and just receiving hand-outs of food does little to encourage either independence or self-value. Instead, we will provide work for the men and pay them, using the food that you have provided. There is already one group of 15 men who are working on digging out a water hole. When it finally does rain, they will be able to capture more of the runoff. Other such projects are in the works and will begin soon.

Thank you so very much for your part in our ministry. May God bless each one of you in a very special way this Christmas season.


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