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The Church Roof is On!

The beginning of this month we had a team come down from Canada to put on the church roof. They had planned to come back in February but the earthquake had made that impossible. Six men, Bryon, Ronnie, Steve, Bruce, Norman, and Toby worked with men from the church and the community to put 3/4 of the roof on. They were disappointed to not be able to finish but there were not enough 2x8s and they don’t sell them anywhere here in Haiti. We so appreciated their very hard work in the sun, strong winds, and dust, to not only get as much of the roof on as they could, but also complete many other odd jobs.

We have been able to begin using the new building and are SO grateful for it! In fact our very first Sunday to use it was Easter Sunday! It was a day of double rejoicing! We have also been able to spread out the school classes during the week.

More pictures to come when I can get them from those who took them…

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