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The Continuing Saga of Odd Jobs…

As a part of the Forest Baptist Church team, Loring Swain was able to spend about two weeks with us on the Plateau. Being the odd-jobs, handyman type, he was able to address tasks both big and small around the campus. We have already mentioned the generators…

….and the temporary relocation of the kitchen, in which he lent a big helping hand.

One consequence of moving the kitchen was that we lost our water filter. Loring was able to rig it up outside so that we can still run water through it for drinking.

Apparently, this was part of the process. Blockage or air bubbles, perhaps. ??

Other helpful tasks he took care of for us include (but are not limited to):

  1. cutting curtain rods out of re-bar

  2. hanging said curtain rods

  3. hanging hardware at Manis and Judy’s house (This is all in cement walls, by the way.)

  4. putting screening in windows

  5. stabilizing the rickety excuse for a table in the guest room in which he slept (Hint: it pays to put wobbly and decrepit things in handymen’s rooms.)

  6. refinishing and varnishing chairs (usurped for doing cement work, and consequently quite unsightly)

  7. fixing our ridiculously ineffective silverware organizer (I know, such a small thing, but it has brought repeated exclamations of elation from Bonita and myself)

  8. gluing sun-scorched, rock-eaten shoes

  9. entertaining us with a wide variety of surprising tales

Thanks Loring! And thanks Forest Baptist Church!

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