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trees . roofs . summer staff . saying goodbye

Progress at the teachers house

Thony has some new recruits helping him plant trees…

The ROOF is going UP! Gilbert’s house is finally getting a roof and Samuel is there to give a hand.

Gilbert’s daughter looking on…

Staff are on vacation…students invited to filling in. Bonita is out for the next while so Thony is supervising the young staff.

July 14th Jenna traveled back to the United States. Her visa expired and so her departure was set. She’s agreed to continue classes with Bonita, via Skype till mid August. The church shared their appreciate and prayed for her before she left.

Church Picture July 2014

Bonita and Jenna went around and said their goodbyes. Bonita will be out for three months to follow up on some medical conditions in addition she will be visiting schools and churches for Lemuel and the Internship program she facilities for Crossworld.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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