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Two New Shade Houses!

Last weekend, a group of men from Global Compassion Ministries installed two donated shade houses for us on the Plateau!  One is located in Krischelle’s yard, and the other is located at Samuel’s Trees.

The extremely rocky ground gave them quite a bit of trouble when pounding in all the posts….in fact, the heavy sledgehammer eventually lost its handle (or its head, I guess, depending on which way you look at it)!

In addition to the rocks, they overcame a series of other minor setbacks as well.  At one point, an error in communication for needed materials even meant that they had to come up with a custom build on the spot for one of the shade houses.  They did a fantastic job!

The white, shade netting significantly reduces the strength of the intense sun’s rays.  It can even reduce temperatures several degrees. We plan to put the shade houses to important use as tree nurseries and spaces to experiment with different vegetables that are usually difficult to grow under the harsh conditions here.  There’s plenty of room to grow things, and we are very excited to get started!

Thank you, Global Compassion!

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