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Update on Bonita

Thank you all for your prayers for Bonita and her tooth. I will copy in what she had to say about it in her latest email

My tooth started to hurting a few weeks ago. I am used to tooth pain, so I ignored it (note: learned not to do that again!). The day before our BIG New Year’s celebration at the church I had pain shooting up my head and my face started to swell. My whole body started to ache with fever. Deborah Dennis, from Emmanuel Church (a partnering church in Canada), came for the celebrations. She helped raise some of the funds so the church here could hand out food packages to over 100 families in our community. I really wanted to be a part of this celebration but instead I lay in my bed listening to people singing and worshiping God. It not only is New Years here in Haiti but it’s also their Independence Day. For the church it’s a reminder that in 2004 Haiti’s 200 year contract with Satan was over and the churches prayers were answered when the rededication DID NOT HAPPEN!

The following days my condition worsened and soon we would need to decide if I would need to go home or not. We have no access to medical treatment here and in Port I wasn’t assured that they would be able to remove the tooth as it was a back molar that has been capped already. People here in the community really started to pray. I sensed I wasn’t to go home but things were looking rough. Yesterday morning around 4AM I felt a tapping on my head. I got up to see what critter got in under my mosquito net! I saw nothing. Then my face got really cold and then it felt like it was coming out of numbing from dental work. I got up and touch my face…the swelling was gone and I was out of pain! I’ve had so much energy these past two days…it was like I was never sick!

Praise God!

Now that she is feeling better I will be formally introducing her on the blog soon 🙂

For those of you who were looking for the video Deborah Dennis mentioned, I am sorry but it wouldn’t upload with our internet here.

Hope you all are enjoying the first week of 2013!!!

PS Somehow the time that it says I am posting is really off… it is currently 6:54AM… not three something in the morning!

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