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As any of you who got our most recent emails know (if you didn’t get the emails sign up at right or click here) it has been incredibly dry here. Well, it still is, no rain still… BUT!!! Today I was doing some work a the computer when Wilda called me somewhat urgently to come see something. I went outside and…

Can you see it???! WATER had burst into the ravine that runs below our property! It had been raining much of the day in the mountains north of us and the rain had filled the ravines and flowed down toward us. It does not solve all of our problems but it sure does alleviate some of them! This ravine will water gardens, and the livestock will have a place to drink at least for a little while. The land is so dry it will soon soak all of this water up.

I quickly called Manis, who was over at the Lemuel campus, and then Ani and I decided to go take a closer look. She was SO excited to see so much water…

As I was taking pictures the pickup pulled up near me. Four very excited guys jumped out and started setting up the trash pump so that they could pump water from the ravine into Manis’ garden.

Looking at our house from the ravine.

Goats starting to gather on the other side of the ravine.

Some of our school kids (yellow shirts to the right on the picture) live up past the ravine and are stuck on our side until the water recedes. More guys gathered to set up the trash pump…

Water finally arriving in the garden!!!

Manis, Mezou, Lucson, and Ani watching the water pour into the garden and directing the guys inside as to where to dig trenches.

Please praise God with us for His provision as we continue to wait for rain!

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