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Well Drilling UPDATE

Many of you have been following the updates on the well that have been posted on our Facebook page. But just in case you missed them, you can catch up here on the blog.

After determining that it was no use continuing to drill on the Lemuel campus, the drill rig moved down the road to the Lemuel garden land. There, at 55 feet, they hit rock…again. After some debate about what to do, they decided to take a break until after the 1st of January, so that the men running the rig could spend some time with their families over the holidays.

On January 10th, the men returned, and on January 11th, they broke through the rock and hit water!

The well is 105 feet deep. They will put a hand pump on it for now, but hope to install a solar pump, so that it can run continuously into a cistern

At this point, we do not know how much water there is.

We do know the reality we face: in our location, there is a high likelihood that the water could go dry very quickly. The first taste was sweet; but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn brackish. It has happened before.

But we also know our God: He can bring water out of a rock. He can turn the bitter waters sweet. We can trust His care for us no matter what the circumstances. We can even rejoice in Him “though the fig tree should not blossom…”

So, we thank the Lord for this unlooked-for opportunity and for the water that He has provided for us. And thank you for your many prayers for abundant, sweet water…keep them rising!

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