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What does it take…?

One month ago this happened…

Samuel was driving to Port au Prince and freakishly the whole tire came off.

So what do you do? First you try to “Do it yourself”. When that doesn’t work…you go LOOKING for parts here there and then everywhere!

When that doesn’t work…well then you start looking online and order. If it’s small enough then a kind friend might offer to bring it down in their suitcase and if not then you wait and hope to ship it in the year.

Then there is the land… Where do you start?

There needs to be a trench to collect the rain water when it comes down from the mountains.

Then there needs to be a GOOD FENCE… to keep out the goats and sheep.

Then you need work the ground.

To buy trees you can buy some from the Christian Aid Mission about 45 min up the road.

Then you WATER and WATER!!!

Then…the real WORK starts. Keeping the plants alive!

It takes a lot of effort to do some of the smallest tasks. There are days you work so hard and you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. But then there are reminders like this one taken last week after the rain.

Thank you to those who continue to encourage us and volunteer to bring large heavy car parts in your suitcases!

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