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What’s Up in Sixth Grade?

And we’ve made it all the way to sixth grade!

Here is what the sixth graders are learning as we wrap up the last few weeks of the school year.

Does anyone remember what direct vs indirect speech are in grammar?  Well, I had to look it up.  Here is the difference:

She said, “I like to eat apples.”  (Direct speech)

She said that she likes to eat apples.  (Indirect speech)

Makes sense.

So now you know, if you did not already.  And you also know what the 6th grade students were learning in French grammar class.

In addition, they practiced conjugating French verbs ending in -indre and in -soudre, and they learned how to create conditional sentences (“If you know your lesson, you will be rewarded.”).

In Creole grammar class, they talked about transitive and intransitive verbs.

In science class, they looked at the different classes of animals based on what they eat: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and granivores (that’s a “seed predator,” apparently).

Math class was multi-faceted.   It included roman numerals, word problems about distance and lengths of time, measures of volume, and–for gemoetry–angles and triangles!

For social studies, the class looked at six of the biggest problems worldwide.  They were identified as famine, erosion, overpopulation, racism, war, and pollution.  Below, Teacher Wilnique explains the problem of erosion, which is one example that manifests itself visibly to the students on the Plateau.  They see the effects of erosion every day (as well as of famine).

In history class, they are looking at Haiti after the Duvalier era.

And finally, in Bible class, they studied the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, and they memorized Psalm 23:4.

(I do apologize for the poor quality of some of these photos.  The placement of the windows in the classrooms makes it nearly impossible to get good pictures inside.  The effects of the lighting can be very frustrating for photo purposes.)

As of now, Lemuel’s school only goes up to 6th grade.  Next year, these students will enroll in 7th grade in another school, either in Anse-Rouge or in one of the cities.  We are working to add grades 7-9 in the next couple of years, so that the students can continue their education right here on the Plateau.

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