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What stays behind, yet goes beyond?

People are both what we will leave behind on this earth and what will endure beyond time into eternity. Last year, Lemuel experienced a lot of growth, and God provided for some exciting projects, such as the well and the school construction. This year, the Lord has laid it on our hearts to slow down a bit and focus even more on the spiritual and personal development of the people in our circle of influence, especially our staff and the church. Of course, we cannot abandon projects and activities altogether, but we are making very intentional decisions to integrate more times of discipleship and training. And it begins with our leaders…

In August, Dave Muchmore (pastor and long-time Lemuel adviser) took our directors and other key members of our staff through a study on the pure, clear message of the Gospel. They spent time discussing the manifestations of false gospels in Haiti, as well as specific ways they could pass on the truths they were learning to their staff. Many of them made insightful observations, recognizing some areas where even their own thinking had been incorrect.

Taylor Conley (Lemuel friend and French immersion teacher) also visited us and offered her skills to teach English and French to both leaders and students. These are two very important languages in Haiti, and they can be a great educational and professional asset to our staff and area youth.

We Believe…

This year’s theme in the church

Throughout this year, we will take the church through a series of studies on the foundations of our faith. What do we believe? And what does it mean for our lives? This past Sunday, Manis shared the opening message about the importance of knowing what we believe.

Judy translated the song “We Believe” by the Newsboys as our theme song for the year to communicate and reinforce what we are learning. Click the link to hear us learning the chorus! 

(It’s a little more Caribbean than the Newsboys version!)

Focus on the School

Forming the Next Generation

The school is where we have the greatest impact in forming the next generation. As the school year approached, we poured our energies into thinking through and preparing for the upcoming year. How can we have a deeper impact on the teachers? On the students? How can reach them more effectively with Biblical Truth?

School officially began on Tuesday, September 4th with a special prayer service committing the year to the Lord.

The Lemuel Administration shared Scripture and led prayer specifically for the parents, the students, and the school staff.

Classes began the next day!

As we begin this new year, would you pray specifically that God would deeply touch people’s hearts with His Truth and its implications for their lives. Would you pray that our leaders would grow in their walk with God and have a passion to transmit that to their staff, to their students, and to the community members around us.

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others. (2 Tim 2:2)

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