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Wind Pump and Cistern Team

My dad, brother, and Glen Eitemiller, from Indonesia, arrived last Monday to install a wind pump on the well and build a cistern using techniques that Glen has used in Indonesia. (Mom also came but not for the same reason:))

That same Monday they prepped the area for the cistern.

Gilbert, a local mason and a good friend helped with everything.

While participating in the work, Nathan also translated for Glen so the he could communicate with the local workers.

Since the wind pump had not yet arrived Dad helped with the cistern too.

The team with Nathan and Glen.

The team with Nathan and Dad.

The parts for the wind pump (minus one important part) arrived at 1AM Saturday morning. By that point the cistern was done so everyone focused on putting it up.

Glen and Gilbert climbed to the top! They were strapped in but it still made me nervous!

There is still work to do to finish the wind pump but they were able to lay all the pipe to the cistern so when everything is installed it will just need to be connected and the water will start pumping into the cistern!

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