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World Cup . Studies . Supplies for the FEVER (chikungunya)

2014 WORLD CUP and we have connection! Watching Bosnia SCORE!!!

Lemuel’s intern Jenna has classes 3 times a week with Bonita. Today’s class she studied about how to build bridges of communication in another culture.

hard questions lead to much thinking…

and much thinking leads to a tired head!

“Chikungunya” the great fever that has been hitting our area over the last month has been hitting some now the second time around. The second time seems to be a lot worse. TODAY we had 5 more cases and I just got a call from another who is getting the deep joint pain.

I had mentioned that our supplies were running low and a group sent in funds for us to get more supplies. Some of them came in with Manis & Samuel last Sunday. THANK YOU!!!

Krischelle started with body aches last night and the fever started this morning. As I am typing this my joints are starting to hurt. So this may be the last post for a wee bit. Good times!

Thank you for you for praying for us!

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