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Catching up in the School

It is hard to believe we are almost 2/3 of the way through the school year!  Due to a number of factors, it has been a challenge to keep regular posts coming on the blog (see this post).  Today, let’s catch up on what’s been happening in the school:

Kindergarten Construction…

The kindergarten building is undergoing some construction, so the kindergartners are borrowing the church building for the time being.

Click the picture below to see the post about raising the Kindergarten roof!

New teachers in training…

In December, both the first grade and the second grade teacher had to leave for personal reasons. This left a gap in our school staff.  Instead of putting the word out for new teachers, the school decided to take a different approach. Here is a quick background:

Due to the scarcity of qualified teachers in our area, we have often sought to hire teachers from Port-au-Prince.  However, this has its own logistical and societal difficulties.  Teachers from the city often have a very hard time integrating into the community and adjusting to the realities of life on the Plateau.  Moreover, we would prefer to develop and hire local people from our own area anyway.

Almaïs, Lemuel’s school director, caught on to that aspect of Lemuel’s vision with the slogan: Ann fè resous, which essentially means, “Let’s develop our own resources.”

He sought three local young ladies (well known to us) who have attained the required educational level, and put them through some intensive training.  These three are now undergoing an internship-like stage, gaining experience as teachers under the close supervision of leadership in the school.

The original Kindergarten 1 teacher, Magdaline–who has experience and training to teach any grade–has moved to Grade 2.  So, Modelene (left) has paired up with experienced Kindergarten Aid Nadege (right) to teach the Kindergarten 1 class.

Erna (left) and Rosemitha (right) are working together to teach Grade 1.

These ladies have stepped in to fill some pretty big shoes, and of course, there are challenges. We are proud of them for their courage in taking initiative, pressing on, and striving to do their best day after day as they grow in their skills and capacities.  Although it takes time, labor, and patience, it is a joy to see personal development and growth such as this in the young adults of our community–a place about which it used to be said, “Those people will never amount to anything!”

The School Food Program…

The School Food Program continues to provide a hot meal to the kids every day.

Our wonderful kitchen staff loves to be encouraged by visits and help from friends!

Respect for these ladies!  One day, we plan for sinks and an industrial propane stove; but in the meantime, they labor faithfully day after day in the heat of the coals, lifting heavy pots and bending over wash basins full of dirty dishes.

They are heroes!

Catching up will continue in another post:  What are the Kindergartners up to?

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