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Day by Day: Thurs, Feb 14

For Valentine’s Day, the teachers made Thank You cards and cookies to distribute to the rest of the staff! They went to all the other departments and expressed their appreciation for the staff members and the work they do.

At the end of the day, Director of Development Williamso sent the following message to the school (translated from Kreyòl):

I would like to send a word of thanks in the name of DDL (the Lemuel Development Department), especially to the EML (Lemuel school) and Kindergarten staff who thought of encouraging the work of DDL this morning. I can tell you, what you did was very encouraging, and you did it well!

Keep up the good work. We will be looking for ways to encourage you too. Thank you, everyone.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, we ❤ to see this kind of mutual encouragement and camaraderie among our staff, even during the hard times!

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