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Day by Day: Thurs, Jan 31

In the campus office: After the day’s work is done, Dadithe (R) and Mme Dieufort work on sewing projects…

Over the summer, Dadithe–our campus manager–pulled three ladies into her staff who Lemuel may never have been able to reach otherwise. She has been investing heavily into them, and they have become a great team. They have kept the campus clean and well-ordered. They have even taken initiative to add little creative touches of beauty here and there.

Speaking of beauty, it has been beautiful to see Dadithe pouring into these ladies and to see them develop and grow.

That is a big deal in and of itself. But, even more than that, when the campus work is done, Dadithe trains the ladies in other useful skills. They have been working hard to think of items they can make and sell. So far, they have taken creative initiative with beadwork, wall art, and sewing.

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