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Day by Day: Tues, Feb 12

(English follows) Pa gen lèkòl pou moman an, men nou pa oblije chita ap tann! Ann pran tan sa ak resous ki nan men nou pou nou fòme tèt nou e byen prepare pou retou timoun yo. Lè lèkòl ouvri ankò, n’ap bay timoun yo yon pi bon fòmasyon toujou! Pran kouraj!

There is no school for the moment, but we don’t have to sit around waiting! Let’s take this time and the resources we have to train ourselves and better prepare for the return of the kids. When school opens, we’ll provide the kids with a better education than ever! Take courage!

The government has closed all schools during the current political crisis. However, the school staff is making the most of this time by meeting together for discussion, preparation, and training.

Judy has been working with them on developing excitement and motivation in their classrooms. She split them up into two teams, each of which had to create a name and a cheer for their group. They are writing and practicing their cheers in the pictures below. (See the end of this post for the result!)

“Nouvelles Semences”–This team’s name translates roughly as “New Seeds.”

“Les Assoiffés du Savoir”–This team’s name translates roughly as “Thirsty for Knowledge.”

A week later–after a preliminary presentation and a few tweaks–it was time for a little, friendly cheer competition! Enjoy!

“Nou soif K-O-N-N-E-N!” = “We’re thirsty for knowledge!”

“Lamou, linite, konesans: N’ap simen!” = “Love, unity, knowledge: We’re sowing (ie,planting)!”

The Kindergarten teachers have also been learning to make flowers out of cardstock to decorate their classrooms. Some of the other staff joined them this time.

A week later…

After a preliminary presentation and a few tweaks, it was time for a little, friendly cheer competition. Enjoy!

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