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Day by Day: Wed, Feb 6

Every school day, our wonderful cafeteria crew prepares a hot meal for the school kids and staff. It’s a lot of hard work shopping in the market, lifting heavy pots, cooking in the heat, and washing piles of dirty dishes, but they are a cheery group, always ready to greet visitors to their kitchen with a smile!

This year, we have even started a compost pile to create rich soil for planting trees. And, no, this photo wasn’t staged…I really did catch Ronyl out there in his office clothes chopping away with a shovel at the discarded peels and rinds!

The heat from the open, charcoal fires is no joke! We do one day hope to upgrade to propane, but have not yet been able to do so. Not only is it a cleaner fuel, but it also reduces the demand to cut down trees for charcoal.

The menu varies each day of the week. In the photo above are pots full of sorghum grain (called gwo Kreyol). It is a local food when it rains enough for a harvest in the gardens. And it has more nutrients than plain white rice. It will be served with Haitian bean sauce to make a complete protein.

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