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Drilling: Wrapping Up

After spending the weekend with their families in Port-au-Prince, the well drilling team returned to the Plateau on Monday.  They re-blew out the hole that had filled back in on Friday afternoon.  The water continued to gush out, sometimes blowing up in the air!

Initial estimates have us at 30 gal/minute.  It could be more, but we really can’t know what we have on an enduring basis until we use and monitor the well for about 6 months.  The quality at this point appears to be good.  But again, it is hard to tell immediately.

The rig then went to the last site.  Over the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), the drilling team persevered in their search for water, despite not finding anything for the first 390 feet and then battling a blown tire on their water truck and a jammed drill bit on the rig.  By Wednesday evening, they had pierced the deepest hole they have yet dug–570 feet. There is some water, which seems at this point to be testing at high quality, but low quantity.

So, in the end, we found the most water at a location we did not even plan on drilling!  The other sites were all named TW-and then a number, standing for “Test Well” (eg, TW-1a, TW-2, TW-3…).  The well on the Lemuel garden land has been dubbed GW-1…”God’s Well.”

Currently, we are evaluating what we have and what our next steps should be to develop each site.  We will need to figure out such details as what the best use of each source would be, what pumps and generators we need, etc. Please continue to pray for us as we make these decisions!  We’ll keep you updated as we make progress.


A special THANK YOU to Matt and his Blue Ridge team for their dedication, patience, and flexibility.  They have gone over and beyond for us through this whole process, putting all their hearts into helping us find water.

We are also grateful to Maxwell and the team at Northwater who have been been doing testing and offering advice and suggestions.


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