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Foto Friday: Water Hole + Tires =

“Foto Friday” is a new idea that we would like to propose on the blog.  (“Foto” just happens to be the way you spell “photo” in Haitian Creole.)

Every Friday we will try to post at least one picture that speaks for itself with few words….or perhaps several pictures, as we do today.

Background: As of last weekend, there was no water for miles around, except for a little bit left in Manis and Judy’s water hole…and that would be gone any day.  People’s cisterns were empty.  And then three tires went out at once on the water truck.  And we had no money to buy new tires.  Not good.

But as the pictures tell, in one weekend, we saw God answer our prayers by sending rain to fill the water hole to overflowing and money to buy the tires for the water truck.

Rejoice in the story below.

Rain in the mountains = Streams in the desert

Streams in the desert = Re-filled water hole

Re-filled water hole =  water for a community

NEW tires on the water truck = water to fill family cisterns

New tires on the water truck + overflowing water hole = water to keep the struggling trees alive

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