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How to make a water truck…

Step 1: take the original box off the truck.

This is always an adventure, an exercise in innovative technique, and an entertaining spectacle.  That means we do it ourselves.

If you don’t have a chain, make a “rope” out of re-bar.  (It’s tied to a tree, which you can’t see.)

Send Gulbert under the truck to jack up the box and strategically place metal bars or planks of wood that will lift the box off the bed.

Attempt to pull the truck out from under the box.

Didn’t work?  Jack it up again.  Prop it higher with more wood.

Dig deeper holes under the tires with a pick-axe and shovel.

Try again.


Jack it up again.  More wood.  Dig deeper.

Try again.


Use some manual manipulation.


Lower the box to sit flat on the ground.

And voila!  Step 1 completed.

Next step: send the truck to Port-au-Prince for an estimate for putting on the tank.  This is going to require both cutting off part of the cab and elongating the bed so that the tank will fit.  We won’t be doing that ourselves!

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