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Investing in People means….providing employment.

One day, I received a letter in my office addressed to the Lemuel administration.  It was from a man in Anse-Rouge, asking for work.  We receive many, many letters from individuals and local groups asking for help.  Unfortunately, we cannot help everybody.  We were not looking to hire anyone else at the time, so we set the letter aside.

But the writer didn’t give up.  He came to see Manis and talk to him personally.  “I have been working for a government office in Anse-Rouge,” he said, “but I never get paid.  Now, it is causing conflict in my marriage.”

“Sometimes, when I can’t take it anymore,” he poured out, “I go to my garden, lie under a tree, and stare at the sky…and I pray that God will just take me now.”

“Please…can’t you give me a job?”

Recently, many of you responded to our campaign to “Give a Job” for Christmas.  This year, our staff grew substantially, but not because Lemuel was searching for more people to hire for its own growth and benefit.  Family-sustaining gardens have failed year after year.  There is no economy in our area, and jobs are rare.  Providing employment is one way we invest in people by

Empowering them to provide for their families and work toward a better future.

Preserving their dignity by enabling them to work toward financial independence.

Giving them a sense of personal value and ownership as they work to better their lives and community.

Providing opportunities for their personal growth and development.

Adline also came to Lemuel asking for work.  She has 6 children, 5 of whom are school age.  Because of the hard times, her husband wanted to move the family to Anse-Rouge, but she didn’t want to leave her home area.  She was given a job in the Development Department, and she works for her children’s education.

“What would you do if you couldn’t find work at Lemuel?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I guess I’d have to leave and try my chances in the city.”

Because of your support for the work of Lemuel, she doesn’t have to.

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