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Kindergarten Graduation

On Sunday afternoon, the school held its final event of the school year: Kindergarten graduation!

Kindergarten graduation in Haiti is a rather big event, complete with caps and gowns and diplomas.

The graduating class always has a theme and a name.  This year, they were the “Sunflower” class (“Tournesol” in French).

(You may remember from the beginning of the year that the Kindergarten 3 class was named “The Flowers.”  Hence, “Sunflower” was a logical choice as their graduating theme.)

There were many performances by the kids, including a demonstration called, “My Life in Class.”  One of the students played the role of the teacher, and the rest of the kids played…well, themselves.  They showed the parents what a day in class was like and what types of things they learned.

Teacher Thérèse spoke about her class and the special qualities of each student.

After songs, dances, and recitations to show all that they had learned, they received their diplomas.

Next year, these students will move on to the new world of primary school and first grade!

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