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Meet the Hospitality Staff

Introducing: this year’s hospitality staff!  If you ever come to Lemuel to visit, you will be received and served by these bright, smiling faces.

The Fearless Director…


The Ladies in the Kitchen…

Mme Celisa

Mme Wisly

Mme Bogi

Mme Gulbert


The Lady in the Yard…

Mme Obert

These beautiful faces are well known to many of you.  Most have been with us for several years.  These are the people who come daily to cook food for the school kids and the staff, to keep the Lemuel campus clean and inviting, and to serve both employees and visitors as the need arises.

The “Afternoon” Staff…

This lovely group is called upon as an afternoon staff when we receive larger groups of visitors.

Mme Regilien (aka, Mme Yen Yen)

Mme Yenyen heads up the kitchen staff for evening meals.


Génièse is also the Kindergarten 2 teacher in the school!  However, her formidable cooking skills caused us to ask her to be a part of our kitchen staff for teams too.


Wilda also works during the day as part of the hospitality staff (although she doesn’t work on the Lemuel campus).  She often joins the afternoon ladies in the kitchen when we have teams.


Guerda is a long time member of our “team” staff.  She usually works full days, helping Mme Obert keep the campus and guest rooms fresh and clean, as well as do the laundry.


Wilferne also works during the day for Lemuel.  When we have visitors, Wilferne is responsible for setting up the gazebo and waiting on guests at mealtimes.  He also assists Jinel in various other tasks.

So, drop by some time!

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