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Other happenings…

As the new work year begins, school news tends to dominate the blog.  However, there are many other happenings at Lemuel as well these days.

Take for instance, the construction of the cafeteria.

A cafeteria has long been on our list of “someday-hopefully-soon”needs.  Due to a special donation, we were able to begin the first phase of construction.  It will especially be a blessing for the school.  Currently, the children eat in their classrooms, and the food has to be carried back and forth from the current outdoor kitchen.

It will also be a great asset for the church and for special events (such as retreats or camps).

Speaking of outdoor kitchen, the cafeteria will have a tremendous impact on the wonderful ladies on our hospitality staff.  It will provide a much better, more sanitary, more convenient space for them to cook.

In past years, the ladies have cooked for the school over open wood fires.  The smoke and the heat were unbearable at times.  Not only that, but we hate to use wood fuel in a country plagued by severe deforestation.  Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to upgrade to propane stoves.  But in the meantime, we at least were able to eliminate the smoke problem by having some new, large grates made and switching to charcoal.  Mme Wisly is happy about that!

Meanwhile, off in the distance…

The cistern at Samuel’s trees is finally getting its roof!

(Bonita and I had often said that we were going to go swimming in it one day.  It was like a swimming pool with a great view!…but we missed our chance.)

Do you want to see what it looks like from up there?  So did I!

On Friday, while the school held chapel…

…Development and Hospitality were also gathered together for a time of spiritual formation.  Here Samuel is demonstrating a point by having a blind-folded Jinel follow directions from Tiga in order to find a hidden Bible.

So far this year, one of the greatest encouragements has been seeing how our branch directors are focusing on developing the people on their staff.  Whether it’s Almais with the school staff, Jinel with Hospitality, or Samuel with Development (and at times Hospitality), each of them have been actively seeking ways to invest in the spiritual and professional development of those working under them.  It is exciting to watch them step up in this way!

Please pray for our branch directors, that their faith would grow and that God would fill them with love, wisdom, and perseverance as they invest in their staff.

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