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Over the Summer: School Offices

As many of you know, our school building has been a construction project in progress since 2011.  Each year, as we are able, we try to take a step forward in the process.

The summer is the best time to work on the school building, because there are no classes in session.  This July, we received the Mount Cheam team from Chiliwack, BC, who raised funds for us to do some necessary maintenance and electrical work in the school offices, as well as to put in the ceramic floor, give the office a final paint job, and install bookshelves.

We shifted around some furniture, and now the school offices are DONE!!! Completed!  Finished!  What a blessing to be able to fully complete three rooms.

(We have curtains too.  They just arrived, and we have not been able to put them up yet.)

Bonita’s old desk, plus a beautiful “false front” addition, make a great place for School Secretary Josiane to receive visitors and do her office work.

And the parents have plenty of places to sit and wait.

We love the fresh, airiness that these colors bring to the directors’ offices.

As director of pedagogy, Osselet finally has plenty of shelving on which to store all the books!

The Mount Cheam team not only painted the school offices, but did many other things, including tutoring the youth in computer skills, helping with a kid’s soccer tournament, painting the water truck, and delivering baskets of food to the handicapped and elderly.  Their trip had a big impact on many levels.  They have a really great video and photos of their trip HERE! if you would like to see more (scroll up for the video)!

Thank you, Mount Cheam!

The next phase in school construction is to finish the classrooms.  The first thing we need to do is to smooth cement over the walls and install doors and windows.  This is a rather big project, and may require multiple groups coming together to accomplish it.  If your church or group would be interested in participating in this, please contact us at for more information.

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