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Overcomer Wins Drawing Competition

This is Webens’ first year as a student in Lemuel’s school.  Last Friday, Webens represented the first grade class in a school drawing competition.  The participants were given a  blank sheet of paper with a set of markers.  They were presented with a model drawing of the country of Haiti, which they had to draw and color freehand.

Webens competed against other students from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade….and he won!

Not only was he the youngest student in the competition, but Webens was also born with a handicap in his right eye.  In general, handicaps in Haiti often carry an extra weight of social disregard.

“When I realized it was Webens that won,” said school director Almaïs, “tears started to fill my eyes.”

Congratulations, Webens!  Keep on overcoming.

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