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School in Session

Tuesday, September 6, was the first day of school.

Director Almaïs began with the year’s first devotion…

…as some interested parents watched through the window and door.

Then it was off to class for the kindergarten, while the primary classes lined up to sing the national anthem and raise the flag.

All of our teachers from last year are back with us again.  Everyone, take your positions!

Marquise is back in Kindergarten 1, with Kindergarten assistant, Nadège.

Kindergarten 1 is a challenging place to be during the first week or so….for both kids and teachers alike!  For most of the kids, it is their first time away from their parents in a totally strange place.  There is quite a bit of screaming and there are plenty of tears.  Marquise and Nadège are so patient, comforting the kids and giving them time to adjust. Other staff members jump in to help, if possible.  Even Director Almaïs can be found holding and quieting distressed kindergartners.

(Look at all those forlorn faces.)

Of course, after a few days, they come to love going to school!  Distractions are a big help too.  🙂

Génièse is back in Kindergarten 2…

…and Thérèse in Kindergarten 3

Rachelle returns to first grade.

And surprise!  After a year’s absence, Wiltha is back with us as the second grade teacher!

As usual, Simon is with his third grade class.

But, Ronyl and Fleurima did a little switch.  This year, Ronyl is teaching fourth grade.

And Fleurima is in fifth grade.

Last, but not least, Wilnique returns for his fifth year, and he is again teaching the sixth grade.

Kenol has returned, as well.  However, this year, instead of teaching one grade, he is teaching all the grades in one very important subject for Haiti: French.

Mme Tiferne continues to serve with a smile…

…as does Mnt Carlo.

And Mme Wisly is installed in the cafeteria building!  As you can see, we’ve still got quite a bit of work to do before it is finished. But, we are moving forward step by step.

While classes got underway, parents waited in the school office to take care of some last minute matters.  During the summer, a group came and helped us to finish and paint the school offices.  Here is a sneak peak!  Isn’t it pretty?

This picture seems to encapsulate so much…

…hopes, dreams…

…the privilege and opportunities of education…

…the importance of a spiritual foundation and the only hope for true, deep change in Haiti (in her hands, the little girl holds one of the French New Testaments that Almaïs handed out to all the primary grade students)…

…Lemuel’s desire to invest in and develop a generation of competent, upright citizens and leaders for our country (Haiti) who are guided by a genuine love for God and for others.

Here’s to a new school year.

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