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Speak UP: A school supplies store and another opportunity to "Fill the Box!"

Our two past "Fill the Box" projects made an incredible impact through your donations of school supplies and other needs for Lemuel's minsitry on the Plateau! This globe was one of the items that arrived for the school. For most students (and even many teachers), it was the first globe of the Earth they had ever seen.


School Supplies for Next Year

In our last e-mail, we mentioned our plan to open a small school supplies store on the Plateau in time for next school year.

Our hope is that the new school store will accomplish two objectives:

1. It will make basic school supplies more easily accessible and affordable for parents and students.

2. It will provide Lemuel's school with self-sustaining, supplemental income for operating costs and special activities.

As an initial investment to launch the store, we would like to collect as many of the school supplies as possible in the US and ship them to Haiti. Using the income from this first stock, we hope to continue purchasing product in country.

And it just so happens...


We have another opportunity to "Fill the Box!"

At the end of May, we are planning to send another container full of supplies to Haiti. This time it will be a 40-footer! We hope to clear out all the large, donated items still being stored in Lancaster, PA (we could not fit everything on the last container).

We are not sure when we will have another opportunity to send supplies to Haiti, so we are trying to make the most of this one.

We have created a special Amazon Wish List for the school supplies store. We have also refreshed our Wish Lists for other categories.


If you would like to donate supplies to be loaded on the container for shipment to Haiti, you can purchase directly from the Wish Lists. Links are included below. Please be sure to select "Judy Dilus' Gift Registry Address" when selecting a shipping address. The items will be sent to Lemuel's US headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they will be loaded onto the container.


Click the images for our Amazon Wishlists!


The latest we can receive packages for the container is Saturday, May 28th.

If online shopping is not your thing, you can also donate funds towards the purchase of supplies that we cannot get on Amazon and towards shipping costs. You can do so through our Donate page.

Be sure to designate your gift for "Lemuel Ministries: Fill the Box."



RAIN The drought conditions are currently very severe. Some livestock have begun dying, and finding water for daily life has become difficult and expensive. Please pray for rain and for water in the water holes. CHAPEL Pray that God's Spirit would transform minds and hearts through our studies in God's Word in the Chapel on Sunday mornings. LEADERSHIP STAFF Please continue to hold up Manis and our leadership staff as we work in this challenging context. Pray for wisdom and clear understanding of God's direction. Pray for unity and love to bind us together. Pray each leader would grow in their personal walk with the Lord and that the Lord would give him/her wisdom for each of the various situations that arise before him/her each day. Pray that our Father would orchestrate all things so that our work on the Plateau is done for His glory and according to His purpose.

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