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Spotlight’s On…Fourth Grade Teacher Ronyl!

Ronyl (prounounced like “Woh-neel”) has been working in Lemuel’s school since 2014.  This year, he is teaching the fourth graders.

Q:  What gives you the most joy in your classroom?

Ronyl: I have the most joy when my students arrive at an understanding of what I am teaching them. That is my objective as a teacher, so it gives me joy to attain it.

Q: What is the greatest difficulty you confront?

Ronyl: The greatest difficulty is when the kids don’t study or do their homework.  Also, sometimes you feel you have tried every possible method to teach a concept, and some students still can’t understand.  You feel at a loss, but you have to find another way to make them understand.

Q: In your opinion, what importance does a teacher have within society?

Ronyl: Education is the foundation of society.  You can’t attain anything if you have no education.  School is where everyone receives instruction.  So, a teacher has a very important role.

Q:  If you could describe your current class of children with one word, what word would you choose?

Ronyl:  Success.  That is the objective we have: that each student would pass and move on to grade 5.

Q: In the future, what do you hope the kids who are in your class today can offer their country that the previous generation was not able to offer?

Ronyl: I hope that my students will bring more active participation to the development of their country.

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

Ronyl: Social Studies…I love the histories of the various countries!

Q: What teacher had the greatest influence on you? How?

Ronyl:  My sixth grade teacher was named Pierre Jonas.  He was very patient and very motivating to his students.  I remember thinking, “When can I be like him?”

Q: What importance does your faith in Jesus Christ have in your life?

Ronyl: My faith makes me hope in what I can’t see.

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